About Me

Hi! I’m Rachel and I’m passionate about teachers. I provide them with the steps to create more fulfilling lives. Being a teacher for over 13 years myself, I think it’s important for educators to remember to care for themselves in addition to all the others they’re responsible for nurturing and educating.

Following my divorce, I found myself dissatisfied with where my life was. I was in a slump both personally and professionally. But now I honestly can say I’ve rediscovered happiness and fulfillment. I want to share the steps to help others create positive momentum in their lives.

Five Fun Facts…

1. I’m a mom of twins, so I’m not squeamish.

2. I’m a bicentennial baby. This may explain my love for democracy and my crush on a few of the founding fathers.

3. I was at the Pearl Jam show when they played their Ten album from beginning to end. It was sublime.

4. In an effort to rediscover myself, I once travelled to Chicago to spend a weekend at “camp” with twelve strangers.

5. Growing up, I was the Jan Brady in a blended family of three daughters and three sons. We were a real life Brady Bunch, just without Alice.

A Little More…

When I’m not prepping lessons or leading workshops, you can find me on a day trip adventure with my sons. Their curiosity, insight, and caring amaze me every day. My kids may be my driving force, but concerts are my happy place. The energy of being in a crowd of like-minded music lovers creates in me a euphoria that sometimes lasts for days.

Next Steps…

I hope you’ll join the Reflect & Refine community.